Green Almond Dish

April 28th, 2006

Green Almond Dish

Green almonds are in season. If you fancy sour food/fruits and can get a hold of those green almonds, consider yourself lucky! Don’t forget to dip them in salt, though. While living in Turkey, buying them from street vendors and hoping their season would not end as quickly as the previous years was one of standard spring activities for me. Thanks God, Iranians have the same taste and they sell them in their stores! The challenge now is of course to find a Middle Eastern store that would carry them. Now that I mentioned Iranians, before I forget I should also mention that the words used for almond and green almond in Turkish (badem and çaÄŸla respectively) are borrowed from Persian.

Last weekend, during our visit to Bay Area I purchased some and before I finished eating them all I set some aside to try out this dish I read about last year. Unfortunately the only thing I remembered about the recipe was that it was made using olive oil, onions and eaten cold. So, I kind of had to make up my own ingredients and wanted to keep it simple.

All I used for this recipe was green almonds, green garlic & onions. I am sure if you were to omit the garlic and replace them by scallions, it would be ok.

  • 200 gr ( 7 ounces, about 1/2 lbs) green almonds

  • 2 green onions

  • 2 green garlic

  • 2 Tbs olive oil

  • 1/2 Tbs sugar

  • about a tsp of salt

Wash the green onion and garlic well, cut in 1/2 inch size, set aside. Wash the green almonds, cut them lengthwise, remove the seeds (which would be the real almond part if you let it grow.) In a small saucepan, add the olive oil and the green onions, garlics. Cook them for about 2 mins, add the green almonds, put the lid on and let it cook on low heat, tossing the saucepan gently every now and then. After 5 mins, add some water (not so much more than enough to cover), sugar and salt, cover once more and let it cook for about 10 mins on low heat. When cooled, transfer into a dish, put into fridge and enjoy it when it is thoroughly cold.


7 Responses to “Green Almond Dish”

  1. Fran Says:

    I alwyas enjoy your posts as they teach me about “new” foods. Have not heard of green almonds before. Sounds like a tasty dish.

  2. fethiye Says:

    Thanks Fran! I will also start posting some regular Turkish dishes with common ingredients, too.

  3. Tony of Bachelor cooking Says:

    this looks like one healthy recipe… Looks yummmy tooo.

  4. ulterior epicure Says:


    I just had green almonds for the first time at The French Laundry and I’ve been wanting to learn more about them. (You can see my pictures from the The French Laundry here). Thanks for your posting!!

    I never encountered them in Turkey when I was there last year. Please let me know if you find an American purveyor! Thanks!


  5. Lilinah Says:

    I don’t know if they still have them, but The Berkeley Bowl (Shattuck Ave in Berkeley Calif) had soft young green almonds two weeks ago.

    Now, if only the regular almonds tasted as good as the ones i ate when i was in Morocco a couple years ago!

  6. fethiye Says:

    Tony, do you have them in India?

    Dear U.E. their season is so short that you may not have across them last year. One of our local growers said he’d be happy to share his almonds when they are green—but I found that out after the season was over. So, next year hopefuly there will be more for me here (Sacramento.)

    Lilinah, I hardly ever go to Berkeley, but need to check out that store as it sounds like a place I’d be interested in. Thanks for sharing the info that they sell them there, too!

  7. Denise Says:

    I love your website.
    I live in Astoria, Queens where we have access to most things middle eastern.
    Every year I buy a few green almonds but have not quite figured out what to do with them other than making beautiful Almond Milk.
    Please post more recipes!

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Green Almond Dish

April 28th, 2006

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