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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Wedding Invitation

I like simple things. Nothing fancy. And before you read this, I must tell you that I am not very creative or good at crafts.

Searching for simple things became a slight issue when we were deciding on the wedding invitations. I must confess I didn’t look around too much but as much as I have seen, there was no wedding invitation that I liked, that I wanted it to be my invitation. I knew what I wanted: a thick cardstock base (where the invitation would be written on) and a vellum top. I didn’t know how I would put them together, and using ribbons were my last resort.

Wedding Invitation Card

After searching high and low I finally found the vellum that has speckles on it. They were simple enough with a hint of color. My search for the one sided invitation cards had a happy ending after finding these in Target. Again the question was how to stick them together. Kim, a very talented friend of mine, provided me with some ideas and her scrapbook making tools. Finally we ended up buying the wired ribbons.

Wedding Invitation Vellum

Rest was simple, but time consuming. First the invitations were printed on the cardstock. This sounds easy to do, but it took us a while to choose the font, the writing etc! And later came the cutting the vellum about 1inch shorter (in width and height) than the cardstock. This was easily achieved by using the paper cutter. Just stacking a carstock and vellum on each other and using a one hole puncher I punched two holes 1/3 way from the bottom and top. Cut the ribbon about 12”, and pull it through the top, twist at the back and pull them back from the other hole (different than the one that went in) to secure the vellum to the cardstock. Voila! You have your hand-made invitation cards!

Wedding Invitation
Thanks God, while I was spending my time on these, my mom already arranged the invitations to be distributed w/in Turkey to be made by professionals. In principle, they have the same idea as the ones I made but they are more colorful as you see.

Wynt's Baby Shower Favor
A good friend of mine, Wynter, told me that she would like to throw me a bridal shower. As much as I wanted to be with friends I didn’t want to have a shower but at the end I gave in. It really is nice to give something back to all those nice people that came to be with us, and I again wanted to put something together. Since it was in the beginning of November and the stores were full of bulbs, I decided to buy some bulbs and use them as favors. This time I didn’t have time to make little pouches but I bought them from the store. Sam prepared a little “how to” guide to plant and take care of the tulip bulbs and every pouch had 3 bulbs along with this writing. We also had a nice baby shower given for Wynter who was pregnant then. Here you can see her favor for us: elegant tea bags in these nice containers!

And lastly the wedding favors… My mom organized this so I had no input but needless to say I loved them! They were again hand made by a friend of my mom’s. She even made the pouches! Colorful bags filled with lavender. Smell perfect!

Shower Favors

Wedding Favors


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