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A new start

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

 Quentin Bulut - feet

Here is a picture to describe the reason of my absence from the Yogurtland.  Quentin Bulut is not even 9 weeks old, but it feels like we are finally getting into a schedule – sort of.   He is very adorable – who does not think like that for their own kid anyway?

As you can imagine I do not have much time to cook these days, let alone blogging but will try my best to get some recipes here as much as I can.  Priorities changed, you know…


Zen in the Kitchen!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

There is no recipe this time, but would like to introduce you one of my favourite authors, Tijen Inaltong, in Turkey who recently started her blog in English where she will be sharing food, customs (mostly related to food), her travels and I am am sure many other experiences.  She chose the perfect name for her blog: ”Zen in the Kitchen” which is also the name of her first book in Turkish.

I started buying her books about 2 years ago, and remember reading them on the plane ride coming back from Turkey and enjoying very much in every detail she has put in explaining the wild greens that are found in Mediterranean region as well as the rest of Turkey in her “The Tale of Wild Greens” book.  The “Stories from a Fruit Tree” is another book of hers to which I consult nearly for every fruit that we buy to see if she has to offer a recipe that I have never heard of.  In the wild greens book she was using some of the Creatian names for the wild herbs/greens, this made me feel close to her (because of my heritage.)  Since then I tried many of her recipes (all are vegetarian, by the way) and shared the Mustard Green Risotto on this blog as well.

I remember writing her an email after I reached US and asking her if she knows that guy who has the same last name as hers,  and was a friend of mine in my college years.  The common last name is a very unique one, so it was a safe assumption that they knew each other.  She immediately wrote me back saying he is her beloved brother!  Well, I found yet another reason to feel close to her.

 A Meal For Each Day 

Still has not had a chance to meet her in person, but now I have all her books (but one, see below)—thanks to her sending me 2 more as a wedding present to complete my series.  I sometimes feel like those are the kind of books one wants to keep by her bedside table to enjoy reading, and another one in the kitchen to consult her recipes. Then I remember my husband counting the number of books I have and the unopened book boxes in the garage and I hold myself from another valuable purchase.

Recently she published another book, “A Meal for Each Day” in which she shares a recipe for each day (366 total, including Feb 29th!) This is the only book I still have not had a chance to see as it was published after I left Turkey this December.  In this book she also honored me by including some recipes and pictures that are included in this blog

I hope one day her books are translated into other languages for non-Turkish speaking audience to enjoy.   For the time being, I strongly suggest you follow her at Zen in the Kitchen!


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