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Sam’s Burritos

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Fethiye has allowed me to add to her blog! My cooking is limited to simple recipes and I prefer a picture to words. So, here’s my recipe:
Burrito Recipe
Note: mushrooms and avacado are optional…. and you can certainly add whatever else you like

  • Next time you are BBQ’ing a steak, cook one extra — (but make it rare).
  • Keep it in the fridge and then thinly slice it for this recipe. The meat will keep a little longer and it’ll be super quick when it comes to sautee it for this recipe.
  • Warning: if your meat is tough you’ll need to cut it into bite sized chunks… nobody eats a burito with a knife and fork!
  • Here’s the real trick to a great tasting Burrito: Lots of butter! cook both the meat and the vegetables in butter.

  • Crisping the tortilla can be done in a toaster oven but it is better when done in a frying pan, with a little butter.

  • One last thing: you wouldn’t believe it, but there’s a propper technique to wrapping a burrito.
  • Don’t over-fill it. (you don’t need to eat less… just put it in the second burrito)
  • Fold the front over the filling
    1st step

  • Tuck the sides in
    2nd step

  • Roll the belly on top of the back so the weight of the filling holds it together. Use a small piece of masking tape if necessary! (use only edible tape)
    3rd step

    Everyone else uses sour cream instead of yogurt. In this house we only have yogurt… give it a try, you’ll be surprised.


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